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    Amica Chips:
    Who we are


    Amica Chips was born from a friendship, in 1990 in Castiglione delle Stiviere and wants to pay tribute to this great value.
    Think of a friend. How many did you spend together? How many memories make you smile? This is what inspired us when we started this adventure: happiness, the pleasure of being in company.
    The desire to party that the fries awaken in each of us, at every crunch.
    The same emotions continue to inspire us every day, because for us the fries are like friends: there are never enough.

    Amica Chips:
    Our products


    The great transparent, the crunchy Eldorada “as good as they used to be”, the new Alfredo line with a gourmet soul, so many delicious snacks with different tastes for aperitifs and maxi and multipack packs. Amica Chips is now a leader in the potato chips market and is exported to over 23 countries worldwide.


    Amica Chips:
    Innovation, quality, passion

    To guarantee a fresh product for 365 days, we select only the best raw materials. This is where the unique and inimitable taste of Amica Chips comes from, because when you know where the raw material comes from, you can trust it. In addition, each stage of production is designed to minimize pollution and to obtain products that truly respect the environment.

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