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    The history of Casa Radicci began in the late 1950s, when the Radicci family moved from Gioia Del Colle to Turin, linking the ancient dairy tradition of Puglia to the best raw material: Piedmontese milk.
    Our historic Italian brand of fresh stretched cheese and soft cheese is today among the market leaders in the dairy sector. The philosophy of our brand is based on three main concepts: goodness, quality and experience.

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    Casa Radicci offers a complete range of cheese, divided into the well-known brands:
    Caseificio Pugliese, the line dedicated to fresh stretched cheese
    Conrado, which includes fresh soft cheese and the products most closely tied to the Piedmontese tradition
    Spega, the exclusive selection of fresh goat’s milk cheese

    For better preservation, our products are frozen before being sold, through two main procedures:
    IQF Frozen and FFF (Fresh From Frozen). Our IQF machines use liquid nitrogen to allow us to freeze small foods that would normally be very difficult to freeze, such as 0.5 gram mozzarella pearls. On the other hand, all IQF cheese is frozen cheese transported and stored at -18 C, in order to guarantee the food’s integrity and perfect preservation for 12 months.

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    Selected Piedmontese farms give to our group more than 200 tons of italian milk per day trasformed into 8 milion kg of cheese per year; this means that there are strong controls at the farms following regulated norms to guarantee neutrality and hygiene of the products. Our certifications include BRC, IFS and Organic Certification. In our company more than 200 people work together to grant the best quality and service.

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